Verily Allāh hates 3 things for you by Ustādh Moosaa Richardson

Verily Allāh hates 3 things for you by Ustādh Moosaa Richardson.

Taken from the Lecture: Explanation of the Ḥadīth Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day let him speak good or remain silent by Ustādh Moosaa Richardson

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إن الله كره لكم ثلاثا
 Verily Allāh hates 3 things for you;

 قيل وقال
 The spreading of rumors (“he said and she said..”);

 وإضاعة المال
 and the wasting of wealth;

وكثرة السؤال
and excessive questioning.

 فإن الله كره للمسلم ان يشتغل بقيل وقال بقيل كذا وقال فلان كذا
 For verily Allāh hates that a Muslim become pre-occupied with its been said (such and such..,This has been said.., and so and so said this)

 فيحصي أقوال الناس وينشغل بها
 And he counts up, he collects the statement of the people and he occupies himself with that.

والكلام والشر مثل الغيبة والنميمة والشتم وقول الزور وشهادة الزور
 And evil speech is the likes of backbiting, tale carrying,abuse (verbal abusive of people),speaking with falsehood and testifying in favour of falsehood.

 وأعظم  ذلك الشرك بالله عز وجل
And the greatest of all of that meaning of evil speech the most offensive of all of that is polytheism. (Setting up rivals unto Allāh the mighty and majestic).

 كأن يدعو غير الله
Like a person calling upon other than Allāh

 أو يستغيث بغير الله
 for that he seeks helped in time of dire need from other than Allāh

 أو غير ذلك من الكلام المحرم
 or other types of impermissible speech.

كل ذلك يحصيه الله تعالى على العبد
All of that is something that Allāh has counted and collected upon a person

ويكتب في ديوانيه
 that's written in his scroll (or in his record)

ويحاسب عنه يوم القيامة
he will be accountable for it on the day of standing, a day of resurrection.

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