Why Shaykh Rabīʿ al-Madkhalī authored the book Manhaj al-Anbiyāʾ - Ustādh ʿAbbās Abū Yaḥyá

Ustādh ʿAbbās Abū Yaḥyá discusses the reason why Shaykh Rabīʿ al-Madkhalī authored the great book Manhaj al-Anbiyāʾ fīd Daʿwati ilá Allāh (the methodology of the Prophets in calling to Allāh), which was written against another book.

This benefit was extracted from Lesson 03 of Benefits from the Stories of the Prophets which took place on Ṣafar  23, 1441H, corresponding to October 10, 2020.

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