Ibn Kathīr mentioned as a Scholar of Ḥadīth by Ustādh ʿAbbas Abū Yaḥyā

From the 18th Lesson of Benefits from the Stories of the Prophets, which took place on Rabīʿ al-Awwal 24, 1443H corresponding to October 30, 2021, Ustādh ʿAbbās Abū Yaḥyā gave a benefit talking about Imām ibn Kathīr was not just a mufassir, but also a scholar of ḥadīth.

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When we look at the tafsir of this āyah, Ibnu Kathīr رحمه الله the great mufassir, the great scholar of tafsīr and ḥadīth actually, rahimahullāh, actually has a very large compilation of ḥadīth, and he has works in history of Islām, and he has books compiled of the sciences of hadith which the scholars we refer back to even now. And one of them was (الباعث الحثيث) a book of science of ḥadīth: rules of regulations of science of ḥadīth, which was compiled and checked by Shaykh al-albānī رحمه الله. The book is originally for Ibnu Kathīr رحمه الله was an explanation of a book by Ibn Kathīr and then Shaykh al-albānī. And still been explained today by our scholars. And it was explained by our Shaykh, Shaykh Rabīʿ Ibn Hādi al Madkhalī.

The reason why I'm saying this is to show the great status of Ibnu Kathīr رحمه الله. Most people only know him as a muffasir, because they refer back to his tafsīr ibn kathīr. But we have to know that he is a great scholar of ḥadīth as well.

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