The Generosity of the Prophet the Obligatory Zakāh & Zakāt Al-Fiṭr by Shaykh Saʿd an-Nāyīf

جود النبي ﷺ والزكاة الواجبة والزكاة الفطر- الشيخ سعد النايف حفظه الله

A Tele-Lecture delivered by Shaykh Saʿd an-Nāyīf on "The Generosity of the Prophet ﷺ the Obligatory Zakāh & Zakāt Al-Fiṭr" on Shaʿbān 29, 1442H corresponding to April 11, 2021

The lecture was translated by Muḥammad Shabana.

This lecture is available on Facebook and on YouTube

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